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Sawa Kannagi (神無木 佐和, Kannagi Sawa) is a major character of Mermaid Saga, appearing in the story “Mermaid Forest”.


Sawa is the twin sister of Towa, born in the Kannagi family which for ages has done researches on mermaids in a hidden repository called Mermaid Hill in the Kannagi lands, where a mermaid caught by an ancestor is being kept along with medicines and poisons made from her corpse.

When her sister was struck by a terminal disease, their father chose her as the sole heiress of the Kannagi family line, which meant knowing the location of Mermaid Hill, guarding it and to never disclose it, and despite having been told that mermaid flesh is poison and no one had ever attained immortality, she took the chance to get blood of a mermaid and had her sister drink it, in hope of saving her as well as in order to test its effect since she hoped to remain young and beautiful forever herself, which cured her sister’s illness, but caused her right arm to become deformed resembling that of a deformed one’s and turned her hair white, resulting in her being scolded by her father and her sister being reported dead of her illness and confined in a cell beneath their house. She got married and gave birth to a child, but eventually lost both her husband and son, and after their father died, Sawa released Towa from her cell and would live with her as she is the only family she has left. It was no joy for her however as Towa hold no sympathy toward her and would constantly ask her the location of Mermaid Hill which she refuses to reveal.

When Mana is brought by Dr Shiina as the next dead girl whose arm was to be amputated and reattached to Towa only for her to turn out being immortal much to everyone’s surprise, and Yuta is being kept prisoner in the cell where Towa was being confined, she severs Yuta’s chains and reveals her sin to him but couldn’t get him out as Towa unleashes her deformed dog Shiro onto him. Thereafter, as Towa threatens to decapitate Mana, she eventually relents and reveals the location of Mermaid Hill. Much to her shock, as Towa gets hold of mermaid flesh, she learns that she wanted to feed it to her to undergo the same suffering she put her through but she suddenly dies of a cardiac arrest, robbing her of her revenge. As a grieving Towa demands that Mermaid Hill is burned, her body is burned together with her sister’s.



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